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  • Garment Measurement Guide

    Why it is Important to Wear Correct Bra Size and Silk Bra?

    Guide on Bra Size Measurements

    Step 1. Measure the Under-bust

    Step 2. Determine the Bra Band or Back Size

    Step 3. Measure the Over-bust

    tep 4. Determine the Cup Size

    Plus Size Bras

    International Bra Size Conversion

    Bra Cross Grading System

    Tips for Buying a Correct Size New Bra

    How to Look After your Silk Bra

    Garment Measurement Guide
    How to find your clothing size? Take your actual body measurements as in the size chart.
    Bust: measure around the fullest part of your bust and across your shoulder blades.
    Waist: measure around your natural waistline.
    Hips: measure around your hips, 20cm (8") below your natural waistline.

    Size available
    We use international sizing system. Most of our collections are available in size S, M, L, and XL.

    Petite Size
    All of our chemises (short nightdresses), short robes and some camisoles and shorts are suitable for petite size women with a height of 160 cm (5'3") and under.

    Plus Size
    Most of our collections are available in size XL. We have also designed a series of elegant, flattering and magical nightwear one size Kaftans which are suitable for S to XXXL. Please see E15 Loungewear/Long Nightdress or any other Kaftans. Our collection B04 Short nightdress and C04 Long Nightdress in Baby Doll Style is ideal for people who do not want to wear figure hugging nightwear.

    Maternity Silk Nightwear
    Please see E15 Loungewear/Long Nightdress or any other Kaftans and B04 Short nightdress and C04 Long Nightdress in Baby Doll Style. They can be worn when you are pregnant and after giving birth both fit elegantly and sexily.

    For further assistance, please e-mail us:


    Complete Bra Size Guide

    Why it is Important to Wear Correct Bra Size and Silk Bra?
    It is estimated that more than 80% of women in the UK are wearing wrong size bras. This was confirmed when Prof. Alison Prince of De Montfort university, the authoritarian of Contour Fashion, together with Silk Cocoon conducted a bra measuring and fitting for Oxford women in Aug 2008. Only less than 20% of these participants were wearing correct size fitted bras. The majority were wearing too small cups and too big a bra band.

    Incorrect bra size particular big bra band does not give you the support you need, smaller cups would constrain and hurt your breast tissues, reduce blood supply to your breasts, which can lead to serious consequences and also give you ugly bulging silhouette. It inevitably makes one feel discomfort and less confident. Right size and comfortable bras show off better curves and make you feel good and confident. Most “silk bras" available in the market have man-made fibres (chemical synthetic) for cup linings, wings and trims, i.e. all the parts next to skin. Only the outside cover of the cups are silk.

    Here at Silk Cocoon, we are determined to help women to wear perfect fit and the most comfortable bras. Our silk bras will be lined and trim in silk too. Wearing a silk bra is the ultimate luxury that every woman can dream of. It is so important that silk, the most delicate natural fabric with a composition of pure organic proteins as a layer of serum next to your more sensitive parts of your body and most important assets of a woman. The free breathing, high absorbency of a silk bra will always keep your breasts feeling fresh, in contrast to artificial fabric lined bras which suffocate your skin and make you perspiration excessively in hot weather. For more details about benefit of wearing silk, please refer to our website about Silk: Elegant Silk Nightwear, Silk Bedding, Silk Blouse, Silk Lingerie UK


    Guide on Bra Size Measurements
    Most bra size guides available on the website are very confusing. To make matter worse, different brands use different standards or rules. Some just ignore the scientific principle of the complicated bra engineering, but deliberately change the size rules for commercial reasons. As a result, not only consumers are confused, but even lingerie professionals are not sure what to follow.

    Silk Cocoon is dedicated to supply only the highest quality silk garments for ultimate comfort, sensuality and elegance. As a responsible and ethical Brand, Silk Cocoon is pleased to have Prof. Alison Prince of De Montfort University (the only University which provides a Lingerie Fashion degree in the world) on Board to make sure that Silk Cocoon’s silk bras are made to fit perfectly, scientifically structured and engineered, and also to help our customers and general public to understand the importance of wearing the correct size bra and to provide professional guidance in determining the correct size bras.

    The guide here is easy, simple and it works! However, this guide may only apply to core bra sizes 32-38/ A-DD. You just need a tape measure and stand up straight. It is easier and more accurate if someone else measures for you.

    Step 1. Measure the Under-bust

    Take a firm measurement around the rib cage, directly underneath the breast. Make sure the tape measure does not slip down at the back, hold it very firm as if you are going to break it bearing in mind that the tape is rigid and the bra band is elastic. Take the under-bust reading in Inches.

    Step 2. Determine the Bra Band or Back Size

    To get the bra band or back size, you need to add 5" if your under-bust measure is an odd number; add 4" if it is an even number. For example, if Miss X under-bust measures 27", then add 5" her bra band size is 32, if Miss Y under-bust measures 28", then add 4" her bra band size is also 32. Our model measure under bust 30", her bra band is 34. Very likely your under-bust measurement and bra band size are in the ranges of the table below.

    Under-bust Measurement

    Bra Band Size

    25” -  26”


    27” – 28”


    29” – 30”


    31” – 32”


    33” – 34”


    35” – 36”


    Step 3. Measure the Over-bust
    Take a second measurement around the fullest part of the bust. Make sure the tape is comfortably around your bust, not too tight and again ensuring the tape measure does not slip down your back. Take the reading in Inches again. Our model read 36".

    Step 4. Determine the Cup Size
    The difference of the two actual measurements namely the over-bust subtracted by the under-bust determines the cup size.

    Difference of Over-bust Measurement to Under-bust measurement

    Cup Size



























    An easy mistake to make here is very often people use the converted bra band size in comparison with the over- bust measurement as seen in many misleading guides available in the websites.

    A few examples below to help you understand better how to use the two actual measurements to determine the correct cup size.

    Miss W under-bust 27", over- bust 33", the difference is 6"; she is a C cup and should wear 32C

    Miss X under-bust 28", over- bust 33" the difference is 5"; she is a B cup and should wear 32B

    Miss Y under-bust 28", over –bust 37" the difference is 9"; she is an E cup and should wear 32E

    Miss Z under-bust 29", over-bust 37" the difference is 8"; she is a DD cup and should wear 34DD

    Our model under-bust 30", over-bust 36" the difference is 6"; she is a C cup and should wear 34C


    Plus Size Bras
    The alpha/numerical system of bra sizing was devised around the 1940's by Warners or Berlei in Australia, e.g.32-34-36-38. The cup sizes available then were A, B & C cups. The system is still the only one used today by the lingerie manufacturers, but considered to be applicable to the 'core bra sizes' 32 to 38/A to DD only. Women's breasts were developed in much larger sizes during the recent few decades. Cup sizes were from A to C 60 years ago and have now been extended to AA-A -B -C -D -DD -E -F - FF -G - GG -H- HH- J- K- L. The current bra measuring system is un-dimensional. There is no account taken of breast size, shape or droop, height or width. Measuring the under-band is still a realistic guide to measuring plus size fit bras. Measuring the over-bust can give an indication of the cup size, but often this is inaccurate as the large breasts have totally different shapes and drops etc to the core size breasts. The following examples highlight the plus size bras measuring and fitting issues:

    Miss V under-bust 28", over-bust 41" - based on the above system, she should wear 32GG, but 30HH fits her better, i.e. one bra band smaller two cup sizes bigger.

    Miss W under-bust 29", over-bust 41" - based on the above system, she should wear 34G, but 34H fits her better, i.e. same bra band but one cup size bigger.

    Miss X under-bust 34", over bust 42" - based on the above system, she should wear 38DD, but 34E fits her better, i.e. two bra bands smaller but one cup bigger.

    Miss Y under-bust 34", over bust 43" - based on the above system, she should wear 38E, but 36DD fits her better, i.e. one bra band smaller and one cup smaller.

    Miss Z under-bust 36", over bust 46" - based on the above system, she should wear 40F, but 36G fits her better, i.e. two bra bands smaller but two cups bigger.

    One can see from the above cases that there are no clear cut rules to follow for plus size bras. However there is a rough trend that one can either add 2" or none at all to the under-bust measurement for the bra band size and add 1-2 cups to the cup size in comparison with the core bra sizes guide. We cannot list all the cases we have measured but these above cases are good enough to represent the complicated issues in measuring plus size bras. The surveys we have conducted are limited and do not intend to be conclusive or to mislead customers. One has to try out to find the best fit. top

    International Bra Size Conversion
    All of the above instructions are for UK bra sizes. To find out your bra size in the EU and other countries, please use the table below. This refers to bra band sizes; the cup size remains the same. For example if one wears UK 34B then that is equivalent to EU 75B and French 90B.



    Bra – Band Size Conversion






































    Bra Cross Grading System
    It is important to remember that the band size and cup size of a bra always work together. A 'DD' cup size is not always a larger cup capacity than a 'D' cup - it depends on the band size. For example, a 34B cup size is the same cup capacity as a 32C and a 36A - the only thing that is different is the band size. If one find 34B the right cup but looser in bra band, then 32C would fit her better, or if one find 34B right cup but too tight on the bra band, then she should try 36A. The chart below should help to make this a little clearer. The same column means same cup size, i.e. 32DD is the same cup size as 38B. This is how a bra factory would use the cups to make different size bras!

    Cup Size












    Bra Size















































    Tips for Buying a Correct Size New Bra
    A good fitted bra should make you feel comfortable, well supported and show a good silhouette without feeling any discomfort.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable (or even slightly tight) on the loosest hook (the end hook). With time, the bra band (wings or back straps) will stretch then you move gradually to the middle hook and finally to the tightest hook (the inner hook).
  • If the wire digs into your breast tissues or creates a "double -bust" effect at the top of your bust. If this happens it means the cup is too small, try a bigger cup. Beware where is your breast root tissues, the wire should not sit above the breast root tissues.
  • If the bra band (wing or back straps) rides up towards your shoulder blades, it means that the bra band is too big. For example, if you find 34B's cup is a good fit for you, but the bra band is too loose, then try a 32C. It is the same cup size but with a smaller bra band.
  • For your comfort and health, good fit and comfort should be always priority factors in choosing a bra! Some new fashion bra brands tend to make the cup much smaller in order to give better cleavage may look very sexy but neither necessarily the best fit nor good for the breasts in long term.
  • top

    How to Look After your Silk Bra
    1. Wash your bra often so perspiration and body oils do not linger. A bra will be worn next to your skin, so it is essential that it is free of dirt, sweat and grime. You should wash it at least every two days of wear if not every day.
    2. Hand-wash a bra to prolong its life, it is important to keep the shape of the molded cup.
    3. Fasten the hooks on the bra before washing. This will prevent them catching on the trim or on other clothes.
    4. If choosing to use a washing machine instead, place the bra in a lingerie bag, washing it as other silk, using the silk washing cycle with non-bio washing powder or liquid. The most ideal detergent is “Silk and Wool” by Persil which has no enzyme, no bleach and PH neutral.
    5. Air-dry your bra after washing. Never tumble dry.
    6. Machine washing under wire bras can result in the wire coming out and lodging in your washing machine. Very expensive!! If you machine wash this type of bra, make sure it is inside a lingerie bag with small net holes.
    7. Once you feel the bra is loose and no longer supporting your breasts then just throw them away and buy a new one! For the best support, a bra should normally last 3-6 months of wear not forever!
    8. Always remember treat yourself with new bras from time to time, you deserve it!


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